New Telemetry App version v3.2.0

New Telemetry App version v3.2.0
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Today we’ve released a new version of the F1Laps telemetry app. It includes the following changes:

New functionality

  • New data points are being collected and will be added to the F1Laps website soon:
    • Rain % forecast data
    • Track and air temperature
    • Detailed conditions value: clear, light clouds, overcast, light rain, heavy rain, storm
    • Tyre wear data per sector

Internal Fixes

  • Laps right after a formation lap or outlap sometimes had incorrect telemetry data. This is now fixed and telemetry data should always be shown correctly.
  • Adding penalties to laps that don't exist yet doesn't raise exceptions anymore
  • Unknown game_modes don't raise exceptions anymore but are mapped to "Other"
You can download the app at

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