F1 2021 Game MyTeam & Career Tracker

Your F1 Game Career Hub

Track your My Team or Driver Career progress, results, and difficulty settings to become a better racer.

Manage your F1 career

Track each Grand Prix in the F1 season calendar with your race result, qualifying position, and AI difficulty level in each session. You can also manage all of your lap times.

Access your career online
All of your F1 game data will be stored online on f1laps.com - accessible anywhere, anytime, web and mobile.
Manage AI difficulty
See your historic difficulty levels for each F1 track, so that you always know which AI difficulty level to apply for your next race.
Track online leagues
F1Laps also lets you create custom seasons with a different calendar schedule, so that you can manage your multiplayer leagues too.

Master every Grand Prix session

You can manage detailed information for each Grand Prix, including race conditions, finish position, best lap time, and your own custom notes.

Add custom notes
Each race is different - with F1Laps, you can save custom notes to never forget important race moments.
Manage lap times
F1Laps stores your fastest lap time of each qualifying and race session so that you can see your progress over time.

All your race data at your fingertips

With the F1Laps Telemetry App, you can review all laps of all races incl. pit stops, tyres, positions, and more.

All lap times

Review your race lap by lap with sector times, fastest laps, and gap times.

Tyre strategy

Analyze the impact of your tyre choices on your lap times and the race outcome.

Position changes

Check out how many positions you've gained and lost on each lap.

Pit stops

Find the ideal race strategy by reviewing your pit stop strategy and the impact on your race result.

Track your season results

Review the classification for each race and track the full season results and standings.

Final Classifications
Review the final classification for each session and all drivers.
Season Standings
Track the driver and constructor world championship standings, as well as your progress throughout the season.

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