How do I run the F1Laps Telemetry App on my computer?

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Step 1: Download the program

Download the Mac, iPhone/iPad, or Windows app from

Step 2: Installing the app

On Apple: iPhone, iPad, Mac

Simply download the F1Laps Telemetry App for iOS or MacOS devices from the Apple App Store: F1Laps Telemetry App on the Apple App Store. That’s it, no installation necessary!
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On PC / Windows

Please make sure to right-click the F1Laps.exe and "Run as Administrator" — this avoids some potential issues while running it.
When prompted for network access, please also select local network access.
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Step 3: Using the program

All you need to do is:
  1. Copy your API key from and add it in the API key field in the app (required on Windows only)
  1. Make sure that the IP address shown in the program (in the screenshot above that's "") matches the "UDP IP Address" value in the F1 game telemetry settings
  1. Set the "UDP Format" value to the year of the game you're playing. For instance, if you play F1 2021, set it to 2021. If you play F1 22, set it to 2022.
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