F1 2021 Game Lap Analysis

Improve Your F1 Lap Times

Track your F1 game lap times across all game modes and benchmark them again F1 records to become a better racer.

See your lap time progress

F1Laps saves and compares all your F1 game lap times. You can see your best lap times for each track, including lap time deltas and sector times.

Access your lap data online
All of your F1 game laps will be stored online on f1laps.com - safely, accessible only for you, web and mobile
Analyze sector data
Break down laps into sectors to see where you're fast and where you have the potential to save time

Improve your pace

F1Laps identifies lap time opportunities for you so that you will become a better racer.

Benchmark against professionals
Compare your lap times against F1 esports professionals to see where you can go faster
Compare progress over time
Analyse your lap times over time to see your lap time trajectory

Dive into advanced analytics

Find out where you're strong with the F1Laps Analytics features for all laps you've raced.

AI Difficulty

Easily find your best, last, and recommended AI difficulty settings.

Laps raced

Check out how many laps you've raced on each track.

Teams used

Find out which teams you've raced with the most.


Track your leaderboard rank for each track and your percentile ranking.

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