F1 2021 Game Telemetry App

Race like a pro with telemetry data

Import all lap data automatically with the F1Laps Telemetry App and analyze your laps with professional-grade telemetry data.

Find out where you lose time

Compare each of your laps time throughout the entire lap. F1Laps automatically compares each meter of your lap progress with the benchmark lap you've set. This gives you complete insight into which corner, straight or chicane you gain or lose time.

Analyze each data point

The F1Laps Telemetry charts show you detailed info for all your car's relevant data points: speed, brake, throttle, steer, gear, DRS activation time, and more! All series are plotted on a meter-by-meter view of the track.

The easiest way to become a better sim racer

The F1Laps Telemetry app gives you access to professional, esports-grade data. All you need is a simple program.

All your F1 game data

The F1Laps Telemetry app supports all F1 game modes - multiplayer, careers, time trial, etc.

Easy to use

Simply run the F1Laps app with one click before you play the game. All data will automatically upload.

Windows and Mac

Both Windows and Mac are supported. All you need is our official desktop app.

Want to become a better racer? Start now for free!