Fanatec’s new CSL DD Race Ready P1 Bundle

Logitech Racing Wheels and Pedals

Fanatec stock update

Fanatec has released new details about current and upcoming stock levels for their popular wheels and wheel bases.

The Fanatec Wheel, Base and Pedals Ecosystem

Fanatec is one of the most popular F1 sim racing gear brands. They produce outstanding wheels and pedals for the F1 games. But their range of series and products can be confusing. This article helps you navigate the Fanatec ecosystem.

F1 Game Car Setups Explained

A key aspect of All Formula 1 games, including the most recent F1 22, is the ability to adjust the car's setup, which can have a significant impact on the car's performance. Check out this article to understand the details of an F1 game setup and find out our recommendations for each value.

F1 Game Wheel and Pedal Setup Recommendations

To get the most out of the F1 game, you need a racing wheel and pedals. There are many different brands and products on the market. Read on to see our recommendations!

Alcantara vs Perforated Leather Sim Racing Steering Wheels

Two of the most common materials used for sim racing steering wheels are Alcantara and perforated leather. In this article, we'll compare the advantages of each material.

F1 Esports Pro Championship 2022

The Formula One Esports Championship 2022 saw a prominent lineup of virtual racers compete for the coveted title. The championship was a thrilling display of skill and strategy. In the end, Lukas Blakeley took home the win, but all drivers put on a show to remember in the virtual world of F1 racing.

F1 22 Car Liveries

The F1 game features the liveries of all Formula 1 constructors. Check out this post to see the in-game liveries of the teams!

F1 2021 Driver Ratings

The F1 2021 game features all 20 drivers of the 2021 Formula 1 season. Check out their overall ratings, as well as their detailed skill ratings, in this article.