Updated AI Difficulty Calculator (patch 1.08)

Updated AI Difficulty Calculator (patch 1.08)
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On July 24th, 2023, EA Sports has released patch 1.08 for the F1 23 game. Amongst other changes, the patch comes with “Improved AI speed when set above 100 difficulty”. This means that your ideal Ai difficulty level might have changed.
To help you find your best AI difficulty level, the F1Laps AI Difficulty Calculator has been updated as of today.

How do I find my ideal F1 23 AI difficulty level?

As always, F1Laps makes it very simple with our AI Difficulty Calculator:
  1. Set a lap in Time Trial mode using Equal Performance Mode (this way lap times are comparable)
  1. Enter your lap time in the F1 23 AI Difficulty Calculator of the corresponding track
  1. Test it out in the game and adjust the difficulty as necessary

What has changed in the F1 23 Patch 1.08 with regards to AI Difficulty?

F1Laps has crunched the data an we can confirm: the F1 game now is more difficult for AI difficulty level 98 and above!

Our Analysis

We have run sessions on each track and on each AI difficulty level. Based on the AI cars’ performance, we calculated the lap time that each AI difficulty level corresponds to. This is, by the way, a similar approach to how we’re getting data for our AI Difficulty Calculator.

The results

For AI difficulty levels 98 and above, you now need to be faster to keep up with the AI. The biggest impact is at AI level 110: you now need to be 0.5% faster, on average. Depending on the track, you might actually have to be up to 1.2% faster - which can be as much as 860ms per lap!
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All AI difficulty levels below 98 remained relatively stable compared to the AI performance before patch version 1.08.

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