New Telemetry Apps: iOS & v4.0

Today, we’re excited to release a major update to the F1Laps Telemetry Apps! This makes running the telemetry app while you’re playing even easier than before. Our goal at F1Laps is to seamlessly import all your F1 game data into - this is a major step in simplify the experience for you.

New Telemetry Apps: iOS & v4.0
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Native iOS Apps

For the first time ever, we’re introducing native iOS and MacOS apps. You can now run the F1Laps Telemetry App on iPhone, iPad and any Mac device!
The new iOS app comes with several key features:
  • Simple login: you can log into the app with your F1Laps username and password. No more copy-pasting your API key.
  • Automatic updates: conveniently get all of our app updates via the Apple App Store
  • Session telemetry logging: the app shows in realtime that data is being logged
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Windows App Version 4.0

We’re also excited to share that we’ve released a new major version of the Windows app. While the user experience hasn’t changed, it comes with a complete revamp of the underlying app technology. This makes it much easier for us to roll out new features and support new games quickly and easily. It will also reduce the number of app updates you have to download, further simplifying your F1Laps usage.
We hope you enjoy these new updates. Please share any questions or feedback with us - via email at or on the F1Laps Discord server!

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