Jeddah, F2, Switching Teams, 6-Month Subscriptions, Payment Methods

A new track, support for F2, and more new feature are coming to F1Laps!

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We're excited to share several new features and improvements that we've released over the last few weeks. Give them a try now!
  • 🇸🇦 Jeddah: we've released full support for the new Saudi Arabia F1 track in Jeddah. You can create laps, add it to your seasons, check out the leaderboard, and calculate your AI difficulty level.
  • 🏎 F1 2021: the F1 game just released the F1 2021 drivers and cars, and so did we! Race with the F1 2021 cars and check them out in F1Laps!
  • 🔀 Switch teams: F1Laps now lets you switch teams mid-season. This is common in driver career seasons.
  • 🧾 6-month subscription plans: You can now save on your subscription by subscribing to 6 months instead of month-over-month. We'll give you 1 month for free!
  • 💶 New payment methods: We now support SEPA payments and a few other payment methods. We unfortunately still don't support Paypal, but will release it if and when our payment processor Stripe supports it.
Enjoy these new F1Laps updates and have fun during your holiday racing season! 🎁 🏁

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