How do I add F1Laps to my iOS or Android home screen?

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Currently, F1Laps does not offer any mobile apps. However, our entire website is 100% optimized for mobile usage. So you can simply open it in your mobile phone's browser and you get the full app experience.
You can add F1Laps to your mobile phone's home screen. This makes the entire experience as seamless as a native mobile app.
It's easy to do this:
  1. Open your phone's native browser (Safari on iOS, or Chrome on Android)
  1. Open F1Laps in the browser (you could also open the F1Laps dashboard if you'd like to navigate straight to the dashboard instead)
  1. In your browser's menu, click on add to home screen. This looks slightly differently in iOS vs. Android - see sample images below.
  1. Save the home screen shortcut!
This way, you have a F1Laps home screen button like any other app!

iOS Browser Menu

notion image

Android Browser Menu

notion image

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