Can I use F1Laps when I play on Xbox or Playstation?

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Yes you can! You can play the F1 game on any console. But you do need a computer (PC or Mac) to run the F1Laps Telemetry app while you play the F1 game on Xbox or Playstation.Here's how it works:
  1. You start the F1 game on your Xbox or Playstation as always
  1. You start the F1Laps Telemetry App on a computer (PC or Mac)
  1. You change the IP in your F1 game's telemetry settings (on your console) to the IP shown in the F1Laps app (on your computer)
This way, the F1 game sends telemetry data from your console to the F1Laps app on your computer. From there, the data gets sent to the F1Laps web app online.

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