Join Us in Testing the new F1Laps Telemetry iOS App

Join Us in Testing the new F1Laps Telemetry iOS App
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We're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the official F1Laps iOS Telemetry App for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices! We’re opening it up today for anyone to test out the app before it’s official release.


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What does the app do?
The F1Laps iOS Telemetry App captures in-game race data via the UDP telemetry stream while you play the game. It sends the data to the F1Laps website, so you can review all race data after each session.
It offers the same functionality as our existing Windows and Mac apps.
Is it free to use?
The app is free to download and use. No fees are associated with the iOS app. However, you'll need an F1Laps subscription (or trial) to run the app once you've downloaded it.
What do you mean by testing?
Although we've tested the app ourselves, we anticipate there might be undiscovered bugs. We're looking for F1Laps users who are eager to try new things and assist us in perfecting the app before officially releasing it to all F1Laps users.
How do I test it?
Visit for a summary of all steps, which include:
  1. Download the official Apple app "TestFlight," used for distributing apps for testing before they're published on the Apple App Store.
  1. Download the beta F1Laps Telemetry App.
  1. Open the new F1Laps Telemetry App, log into your F1Laps account, and start recording telemetry data while playing the F1 game.
What does this mean for the existing Windows and Mac apps?
The new F1Laps iOS app has the same functionality as the existing Windows and Mac apps. You can choose:
  • To continue using the existing Windows app if you prefer running a Windows program, and disregard the new iOS app.
  • To try the new iOS app if you want to use your iPhone or iPad.
  • To use either the existing Mac app or test the new app, which also runs on MacOS. Eventually, we will deprecate the old Mac app and only support this new app on the App Store.
I have questions or want to report an issue
Reach out to us on the F1Laps Discord server or at

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