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The Fanatec Wheel, Base and Pedals Ecosystem

Fanatec is one of the most popular F1 sim racing gear brands. They produce outstanding wheels and pedals for the F1 games. But their range of series and products can be confusing. This article helps you navigate the Fanatec ecosystem.

What Fanatec products should I buy?

With Fanatec, there are three types of products you need to be ready for your first race:

  1. Wheel: the steering wheel
  2. Wheel base: the base you mount the steering wheel to, which also includes the motor that takes care of things like force feedback
  3. Pedals: at least two pedals, one for throttle, one for braking (for braking, we recommend “load cell” brakes)

What does Fanatec CSL, CS, and Podium mean?

Fanatec offers its products in three different series. Think of those as a rough guide for price and quality level.

  1. ClubSport Light (CSL): the cheapest line. For a full set of wheel + base + pedals you will likely pay around €600-900.
  2. ClubSport (CS): the mid-range product line, about €100-500 more expensive than CSL.
  3. Podium: their top product line.

Is Fanatec compatible with Playstation, PC or Xbox?

  1. For Xbox users, please be aware that only some Fanatec wheels are Xbox compatible. The good news is that all wheel bases are compatible.
  2. For Playstation users, it's the other way around: all wheels are compatible with Playstation, but only some wheel bases.
  3. For PC users, all wheels and wheel bases are compatible.
  4. Generally, all Fanatec products are compatible with each other. Please do double-check this before you buy, but it's typically not the constraining factor with Fanatec.

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The Fanatec stock levels on this page were last updated on February 7th, 2022.

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